Rich Minerals Corporation Board of Directors

  Chamberland Bernard Martin
  Alberta, Canada
Director (1988)
Director and Chairman of Rich
Minerals Corporation since November 1988
President and CEO since February 1993.
Mr. Chamberland presently holds the position of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Rich Minerals Corporation, a position he has held for over 19 years. Mr. Chamberland has successfully managed the Alberta based construction and land development businesses operating in Canada for over 40 years. Prior to Rich Minerals Corporation, he was sole proprietor of a Calgary based construction and land development company and had joint venture interests in and ownership of a wide and diverse portfolio of investments, including oil and gas, both in Canada and the United States. Mr. Chamberland, is a successful entrepreneur with extensive public company experience and many years of exposure to corporate compliance and financial statements.
  Peters John Arthur
Alberta, Canada
Director (1993)
Director of Rich Minerals Corporation since June 1993.
Securities and Corporate Lawyer with the law firm of Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer, LLP and acts as Securities and Corporate Lawyer for the Company.
Mr. Peters has practiced commercial law for more than 25 years and over that time has had significant exposure to financial statements and analysis. In addition to undergraduate degrees in economics and law, he holds master's degrees in securities law and international business management from Osgoode Hall Law School and Boston University respectively. Mr. Peters presently sits on the boards of a number of public and widely-held private companies and in that capacity is required to read and understand financial statements.
  Senger Debra Lynn
Alberta, Canada
Director (2006)
Director of Rich Minerals Corporation since February 2006
Executive Management and employee position on some level since December 1989.
  Smith Murray F
  Alberta, Canada
Director (2004)
Director of Rich Minerals Corporation since February 2004.
Independent Construction Project Manager.
Mr. Smith presently holds a management position with a Calgary construction company. Previously Mr. Smith held a number of management positions with an Alberta based telecommunications company for over 32 years.Towards the end of his telecommunications career he held the position of project manager, managing a Capital Estimating System for wireline construction. Smith presently sits on the board of a privately held start-up company.
  Juliano Magalhães Macedo
Director, President,
RMC Exploração Petrolifera Ltda
Juliano Magalhães Macedo, PhD as president of our wholly owned subsidiary, RMC Exploração Petrolifera Ltda., in Brazil.  Dr. Macedo holds a PhD in Structural Geology and Tectonics, University of Illinois, USA and both a M.Sc. Structural Geology and a B.Sc. Engineering Geology, Escola de Minas, UFOP, Brazil.